DeFi vs. CeFi #2 - Pros & Cons

Show notes

Alireza Siadat, together with Gökhan Nazenin (Vice President Europe at FIS) and Henri de Jong (Chief Business Development Officer at Quantoz), discuss “DeFi vs. CeFi” in episode #77 of PayTechTalk.

They explain what Decentralised Finance (“DeFi”) is and what the advantages and disadvantages are compared to Centralised Financial Services (“CeFi”). Henri, Gökhan and Alireza take a closer look at yielding, staking and lending as well as Self- and third-party custody. Using the recent events surrounding crypto in the insolvency of Celsius and crypto custody of Coinbase as examples, the speakers will address the risks in the crypto market.

Finally, they discuss how the advantages of DeFi and CeFi could be combined and how traditional financial service providers can prepare themselves technically for CeFi and DeFi.

Have fun listening in!

More information about the speakers:

To the first episode about DeFi vs CeFi: PayTechTalk #75 – Algorithmic Stablecoins & CBDC

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